About Us

Hey, My name is Dhiraj. But I changed my name on social media from Dhiraj to Dhiraz Singh. So you can call me Dhiraj or Dhiraz Singh, Dhiraz WebDev & whatever you want.

I do blogging in Hindi. Where I share useful articles related to the computer and the internet?

I am a digital lover & I love the computer & the internet. I am a Google fanboy. We love Google. But I have deeper knowledge about google and its all products. I love to explore new technology and trend. I have worked with many famous computer software which we use in our daily life and widely used all over the world.

The story begins in the year 2016. I was curious to know about the internet. What is the internet & how the internet works? Then I came to know that there are websites on the internet. Then I researched the website. Then I found that websites can be created with HTML, CSS, JavaScript & many other Web technologies. Then I started to learn HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Bootstrap, PHP & WordPress. Now I can create beautiful and responsive websites.